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Thanks for stopping by my practice ham radio exam site. I originally built this site in 2003 to help my wife earn her Technician license, and since then it has helped thousands of hams get their license and upgrade.

How this site is different

This site learns which questions you understand and which ones you don't. It does this by tracking your answers to every question. It then applies a weight to each question, using the following priorities:

Using this system, you are guaranteed that you will eventually see all of the questions from a given test. You are more likely to see questions that you need help with again and again until you get them right. I feel this is a great way to see what questions you need to work on.

Please note that memorizing the test is no substitute for understanding the material. If you have problems with certain questions, please search out more information on those topics.

73 and good luck on your exam!

Ron, NA0Q (previously KB0MGA)

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